Wednesday, August 16, 2017

MU + DMB 4Evar! Plus, 25% Done on Sound's Familiar

I watch way, way too many makeup tutorials.

Like, a lot.

So today, having been inspired by god knows what (I think I was picturing Dita von Teese), I decided to have some fun and try doing winged eyeliner.

Two things you need to know before I go any further:

A) I have very hooded eyes, meaning that when my eyes are open, you can't really see my "mobile lid" unless I put a very light colored eyeshadow on it;

and B) I haven't done winged eyeliner since I was in my twenties.

Stephanie Lange does a great video about winged eyeliner do's and don'ts


So effort #1 required micellar water and a lot of cursing to remove. No, I didn't photograph it. I didn't think to. Plus, the horror may have been too much for a Wednesday afternoon in August.

I know. Bad blogger. No cookie for you.

Thank the gods for Tarte Shape Tape and patience or I'd look like a racoon today. Instead, I turned out looking like this:

You can barely see the wings I spent *coughwheezewaytoomuch* time on, but they are there, damn it. Since you can't see them with my glasses on, I went ahead and took a pic without my glasses.

I think I like the glasses better, since they hide a multitude of my blending sins. Also, try to ignore my janky lips. I love this color (ColourPop's LAX, a matte lipstick, with Essence's XXXL Shine lipgloss in Pretty in Hibiscus on top), but my lipstick got smeared after a certain kitty decided he wanted love. Trying to pick white cat hairs out of lipstick is a bitch, let me tell you.

So I showed Dusty the fruits of my makeup labors (pre-kitty hairs), asking his opinion on my first winged eyeliner look in years. He replied, "You remind me of Lily Munster."

I can't think looking like Yvonne De Carlo is a bad thing under any circumstances, so I'll take it as a win.

P.S.: Work on Sound's Familiar is going slowly, but it is going. It has more to do with the weather and my health than the story. Both Jonah and Carol are speaking clearly to me, and I've hit the quarter done mark, so YAY! Most of the research/initial world building is done, so things should go much quicker now. I look forward to sharing this new world of magic, familiars, elves and demons with you.

P.P.S.: Try NYX eyeshadows. They're pigmented as hell and the price-point is spot-on. Also, Ulta often has NYX products buy one get one half-off, so take advantage of those sales!

P.P.P.S.: My favorite makeup "gurus". These are the ones who I'm like, "Oooh, a new video is up!":

Tati Westbrook:
Laura Lee:
Manny MUA (yes, it's a dude):
Emily Noel:
Angie aka HotandFlashy:
Mariah Leonard:

Honorable Mention: SimplyNailogical, because I LOVE her videos and her nails:


Unknown said...

I love how the do picture has this huge line that almost covers the whole eyelid and you did the same thing i would have. Made it small! Love it. P.S good job you look great

Dana Marie Bell said...

Thanks! It's a pain to do eyeliner when you have hooded eyes. If you're not careful, the eyeliner is all you see!

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