Saturday, December 24, 2011

Winner of Blood of the Maple

The winner of the download of Blood of the Maple is:

Julie W!

Just let me know if you want .pdf or .epub, and I'll mail it out to you.

P.S.: Once I know the name of the winner for the Grand Prize I'll update this post.

UPDATE: Congrats to YADIRA for winning the Grand Prize!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Mistletoe Madness Blog Hop!

Welcome to the Mistletoe Madness Blog Hop! What's a blog hop? It's an opportunity to win prizes, that's what!

To win a copy of Blood of the Maple, just comment here on my blog.

I'll post the winner, then ask you to contact me at danamariebell AT gmail DOT com with your email address and your choice of either .pdf or .epub. It's that simple.

Each of the participating authors is offering a prize on their website (you'll have to check them out to find out what). And best of all, there's a Grand Prize of a color Nook pre-loaded with over thirty books! The links to the individual give-aways are below. To enter, just hop on over to the author's blog and follow their instructions for entering. For a chance at the Grand Prize, you'll need to click here.

Here are the participating authors, with links to their give-aways:

These are the books that will be loaded onto the Grand Prize:

A Hard Habit to Break - KC Kendricks
Angel in the Middle - Marie Dees
Betting on Hope - Kay Keppler
Blood of the Maple - Dana Marie Bell
Cry Wolf - Angela Campbell
Dearly Departed - Lia Habel
Entanglements - PR Mason
Eris - D. Renee Bagby
Golden - Joely Sue Burkhart
Grey's Lady - Natasha Blackthorne
Her Dark Knight - Sharon Cullen
Hunting Kat - PJ Schnyder
Knight of Runes - Ruth A. Casie
Leading Her To Heaven - Kayleigh Jamison
Love on Cloud Nine - Linda Andrews
Lust on the Rocks - Dianne Venetta
Men of the Sea Anthology - Eliza Knight
Murdering Eve - Kelly Lee
Redaction  - Linda Andrews
Relearning the Ropes - DC Juris
Risking Trust - Adrienne Giordano
Shadows & Dust - Yvonne Nicolas
Sloane Wolf - Margay Leah Justice
Snowy Encounters - Clarissa Yip
Soul Catcher - Vivi Dumas
The Alchemist's Perfect Instrument - AL Davroe
The Demon He Knows - RA Vaughn
The Fallen Queen - Jane Kindred
The Knife's Edge - Stephanie Draven
Underdead - Liz Jasper
What Not To Fear - Robert C. Roman
White Hot Christmas: Santa's Claws - Stephanie Burke

Good luck, and Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Meat Grinder and Blog Hop

The rough-rough draft of Guardian Angel is done!

Cartoons Myspace Comments

It's still sitting at around 80k, which is a bit more than I thought it would be. We'll have to see what happens when I'm done with the Meat Grinder, which should be next week (I hope). Then it's off to the beta readers, and hopefully to my editor beginning of January. I'm probably going to submit it to Carina Press first. After that, if I don't start on Throne of Oak soon I think my Carina editor is going to hunt me down and tie me to the keyboard. I might get potty breaks.


Oh, and when I'm done with Guardian Angel, I'll be starting work on The Hob.

He's not that kind of elf.
So I'll be taking the last two weeks of December off. My kids will be home and hyper for the holidays, so I usually don't get much done during that time period anyway. I may start the outline on Throne of Oak, but that would be about it. 

It will give me a chance to clear my brain of angels and get it into Robin Goodfellow.

He's not that kind of elf, either.

P.S.: Don't forget, tomorrow launches the Mistletoe Madness Blog Hop! I'll be posting bright and early. You could win a copy of Blood of the Maple, or the Grand Prize: a color Nook, pre-loaded with tons of books!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Aw Crap. My Dad Was Right About That...

So, maybe it was the chat about M wanting a toy called Doggie Doo, but I saw this and had to post it: 

Dad was right. NEVER swallow your bubblegum!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Kitty Attack

The tree is up and decorated. The presents are (mostly) bought. Guardian Angel is on schedule and almost ready for the beta readers. Best of all, I've almost finished my holiday free read, Just the Way You Are. I'm just waiting to hear back from one more person before I turn it into a .pdf and post it on my website.

My hands. They hurt. But it's an "I accomplished a shit-ton this week" kind of hurt, so I can live with it.

So to spread some holiday cheer (and because I like cats) I'm posting some of my favorite holiday kitty pics. I'll see if I can find some dog ones later, when my hands aren't calling me names in languages I don't even speak.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


When the hell did that happen?

So, I have no holiday shopping done, no plans other than taking time off between the 22nd and Jan. 2nd and getting Guardian Angel ready for my beta readers before the fat man in red drops down my non-existent chimney. So far, the only thing I'm on track with is getting Guardian done before Christmas.

If I don't get cracking on the shopping soon I'd better find a nice hole to hide in.

My newsletter is out (with a sneak peek at the unedited Howl For Me), and WriteWay is working nicely as an editing tool. I'm looking forward to writing a brand new book with it and seeing if it works as well for that. I'm thinking it will, since I plot AND pants my way through a book. I can do spur-of-the-moment thoughts on chapters I haven't even written yet, something I've always used MS Notepad for and then promptly lost.

So November was busy, and December is looking to be the same. I've got the outline done for The Hob, and will start work on that as soon as the holidays are over. I'm hoping to have it completed by the end of March, at which time I'll start work on Throne of Oak. I've got a lot done this week, and it's not over yet!

Wait. Tomorrow is Friday?


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"I think that statue over there is a statement on modern life. The statement is, "Well, shit." - Varric, Dragon Age II

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