Thursday, February 25, 2010

Arthritis Day

For some reason (snow) my hand has decided (I HATE snow) to act up the past few days. (Have I mentioned I HATE snow?) I can barely type.

In fact, I'm going to stop now. But if you've been trying to get a hold of me... ish. I've been saying that a lot, haven't I? But seriously?


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Interview at the Clog Blog

I have an interview going up on Thursday at Tina Holland's Clog Blog. She asks me how I come up with book titles, what the hardest part of writing is, and what I'm currently working on. Want a hint on my upcoming WIP's? Check it out!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Now Available on Kindle

Woo-hoo! I've been waiting for this to show up there. Next stop for Chris and Lana: Fictionwise/Barnes and Noble! Or Books on Board, or Mobipocket, or...

Monday, February 15, 2010

LR Cafe's Best of 2009 Awards voting is OPEN!

Shadow of the Wolf is up for Best Shapeshifter of 2009!

To find the nominee list, go to the LRC's files section of the loop and scroll down till you see the nominee list. (Or I could just give you the list below...) Then make your choices for each category.

Link to cafe loop is:

Email me at dawn_roberto @ yahoo DOT com with "LRC's Best of 2009 Awards" in subject line. This is important b/c anything else will get deleted.

Voting ends on 22nd with the 23rd as a deadline for those in other time zones/countries to get their votes in. Anything after the 23rd is thrown out unopened so make sure the votes are in before this date.

Award winners will be announced on 2/25 at NOON EST on the LRC's yahoo loop from noon-2 PM EST.

Any questions, please email me at the above address. Thanks.

Dawn Roberto
Owner: LR Cafe
Senior Reviewer: Love Romances & More

So here's the list of nominees:

LR CAFE'S 2009 Best of Awards Nominees
Voting begins-2/15-22

Best Fantasy Book 2009

First Lord's Fury (Jim Butcher-Ace)
Storykeeper (Jade Buchanan-AMP)
Lycan Tides (Renee Wildes-Samhain)
The Betrayal (Patti Nagle- Del Ray)
The Oath: Bound (Adrianne Brennan-Freya's Bower)
The Apostle of Asphodel (Celina Summers-AMP)
Spying the Alcove (Laura Tolomei-Extasy)
Dragon Slayer (Fiona Jayde-Noble Romance)
Strange Fortune (Josh Lanyon-Blind Eye Books)
The Scroll Thief (RF Long-Samhain)
Dark Lady's Chosen (Gail Z. Martin)

Best Paranormal Book 2009

Silent Night, Haunted Night (Teri Garrey-Avon)
Wild Blue Under (Judi Fennell-Sourcebooks)
The Egyptian's Demon Keeper (Ciar Cullen-Samhain)
Demons Are Forever (Wynn Hayworth-Samhain)
Destined for an Early Grave (Jeaniene Frost-Avon)
Songbird (Maya Banks-Samhain)
Don't Tempt the Phoenix (CJ England-Samhain)
Dark Elves 6: Awakening (Jet Mykles-Loose Id)
Damien's Destiny (Jean Hart Stewart-Cerridwen Press)
Call of the Wylde (Cynnara Tregarth-AMP)
Lover Avenged (JR Ward-NAL)
Hemovore (Jordan Castillo Price-Samhain)
Surviving the Darkness (Shiela Stewart-Breathless Press)
Bad Moon Rising (Sherrilyn Kenyon-)
Empire-Dawn Rising (Cat Marsters-Changeling)
Elfin Blood (Gracen Miller-Noble Romance)
Wassail Woes (Diane Taylor-SFP)

Best Sci Fi/ Futuristic Book-2009

Dominion (Michael Barnette-Loose Id)
Swordbrothers 2-Four Winds (Michael Barnette & Auburnimp-Shadowfire press)
Surrender Love (Kayelle Allen-Loose Id)
Solar Skies (Dawn Montgomery-LSB)
Warflesh (Kim Knox-EC)
More than Robotics (Lynn Crain-Extasy)
Safe Sex (Eve Summers-Red Rose)
Naughty Nights: Enslaved (Kate Hill-Changeling)
Wolf Hunt 2: Forest Wolf (Marie Treanor-Changeling)
When The Condor Returns (Icy Snow Blackstone-Lyrical Press)
Dawn of the Seraphs (Adrianne Brennan-)
The Edge of Desperation (Jason Edding and James Buchanan-MLR)
Cosmic Chaos (Kara Griffin-AMP)
Day 94 (D. M. Slate-EP)

Best Book Cover 2009

High Country (Loose Id; Artist: April Martinez)
Blood & Magic (AMP; Artist: Celia Kyle)
Hedda's Sword (Samhain; Artist: Anne Cain)
Surrender Love (Loose Id; Artist: Anne Cain)
Damien's Destiny (Cerridwen Press; Artist: Unknown)
Devon Falls 4: Haunting Magic (AMP; Artist: Syneca)
Apostle of Asphodel (AMP; Artist: Renee George)
Bittersweet (AMP; Artist: Unknown)
Horsefall: As the Crow Flies (Changeling; Artist: Bryan Keller)
Empire-Dawn Rising (Changeling; Artist: Sahara Kelly)
Earth Enchanted (Lyrical Press; Artist: Renee Rocco)

Best Erotic Book 2009

Djinn & Tonic (Ashlyn Chase-EC)
Dark Elves 6: Awakening (Jet Mykles-Loose Id)
Gaven (JC Owens-Loose Id)
Rescuing Clarice (Anny Cook-EC)
Isabella Ignites (Sloane Taylor-AMP)
Kaydana & the Crown of the Worlds (Nyki Blatchley-Lyrical Press)
The Reluctant Dom (Tymber Dalton-Lyrical Press)
Hotter Than Hell (L. Shannon-LSB)
Blood & Fire (Mychael Black-Changeling)
Fireproof (Tina Holland-LSB)
A Magical Story (Shayne Carmichael-Phaze)
Spank Me Twice (Anthology-Noble Romance)

Best Paranormal Author 2009

JR Ward
Jessica Andersen
Selena Illyria
Jeaniene Frost
Adrianne Brennan
Dawn Montgomery
Ciar Cullen
Anny Cook
Kari Thomas
Terri Garrey
CE Murphy
Shiela Stewart
Lisa Shearin
Patricia Briggs

Best E-Publisher 2009

Champagne Books
Amber Quill
Aspen Mountain Press
Extasy Books
Phaze Books
Changeling Press
Liquid Silver Books
Loose Id
Noble Romance
Manlove Romance Press
Shadowfire Press
Samhain Publishing
Breathless Press
Dreamspinner Books
Eternal Press

Best Shape Shifter book 2009

Seducing the Moon (Sherrill Quinn-Brava Kensington)
High Country (Michael Barnette-Loose Id)
Instinct (Jessica Freely-Loose Id)
Haunting Magic (Raine Delight-AMP)
Under a Shifter's Moon (Kari Thomas-Black Lyon)
Bad Moon Rising by Sherrilyn Kenyon (Pub. ?)
Cursed to Death by LA Banks (Pub.-?)
Horsefall: As the Crow Fly (Jade Buchanan-Changeling)
Shadow of the Wolf (Dana Marie Bell-LSB)
Just a Taste of Me (Stormy Glenn-Siren-Bookstrand)
Highland Heat (Tilly Greene-EC)
Sanctuary's Price (Moira Rogers-Samhain)
Fire Season (Lex Valentine-PPB)
The Marksman (Mary Winters-PPB)

Best GBLT author 2009

AJ Llewellyn
James Buchanan
Laura Baumbach
Jet Mykles
Jason Eddings
Angela Fiddler
Jordan Castillo Price
Clare London
JM Snyder
ZA Maxfield
Andrew Grey
Michael Barnette
Beth Wylde
Kayelle Allen
Mychael Black
Laura Tolomei
Wiliam Maltese
Ethan Day
Rick R. Reed
Laura Baumbach

Best Book all around 2009

Island Bois (AJ Llewellyn-Extasy)
EPistols at Dawn (ZA Maxfield-Samhain)
Surrender Love (Kayelle Allen-Loose Id)
Cocked & Loaded (Desiree Holt-Wild Rose Press)
Storykeeper (Jade Buchanan-AMP)
Master of the Mountain (Cherise Sinclair-Loose Id)
Apostle of Ashodel (Celina Summers-AMP)
Shadow Walker (Esther Mitchell-AMP)
Kindred in Death (JD Robb-GP Putnam)
Walking Dead (CE Murphy-Luna/Harlequin)
Her Heart, His Soul (Kari Thomas-Siren)
Passion Unbound (Larissa Ione-)
Catching Fire (Suzanne Collins-)
Finding the Lost (Shannon Butcher-)
The Shadow Queen (Bertrice Small-Luna)

Best Vampire Book 2009

Last Vampire Standing (Nancy Haddock)
Dominion (Michael Barnette-Loose Id)
Diamond in the Shade (DJ Manley-Liquid Silver)
Blood Curse (Mychael Black-Changeling)
Samael (Dawn McClure-LSB)
Lyric's Gift (Trina M. Lee-LSB)
Killer Queen (Heather McAlendin-EP)
The Boys of Bite Anthology (Ravenous Romance)
The Bite of Silence (Mary Hughes-Samhain)
Forbidden: The Ascension (Samantha Sommersby-Samhain)

Best GBLT book 2009

Island Bois (AJ Llewellyn-Extasy)
EPistols at Dawn (ZA Maxfield-Samhain)
Cowboy (JM Snyder-eXcessica Publishing)
Blood & Fire (Mychael Black-Changeling)
Bittersweet (Maura Anderson-AMP)
The Best Revenge (Andrew Grey-Dreamspinner)
Spying the Alcove (Laura Tolomei-Extasy)
L.A. Bonyard (PA Brown-MLR Press)
Dream Mate (Stormy Glenn-Siren-Bookstrand)
The Dickens with Love (Josh Lanyon-Samhain)
I Kissed a Boy (Anthology-Ravenous Romance)

Best Contemporary Book 2009

True Colors (Clare London-Dreamspinner) (Neil Plakey-MLR)
Bed of roses (Nora Roberts-Berkley)
Barely legal (Lizzie T. Leaf-AMP)
The Best Revenge (Andrew Gray-Dreamspinner)
Life, Liberty & Pursuit of a Honeybun (Sam Cheever)
To seduce a soul mate (Laura Tolomei-Extasy)
Switched (Desiree Holt-EC)
If I Were a Lady (Bryl R. Tyne-Noble Romance)
Within His Embrace (Denise Agnew-LSB)
Julia's Knight (Stormy Glenn-Siren-Bookstrand)
Conquest (SJ Frost MLR)
Melting the slopes (W. Maltese, Ethan Day and Jason Edding-MLR)
Heat Waves (Amber Skyze-AMP)
Kentucky Bride (Jan Scarbrough-Resplendance)
Rip Cord (Jeanne St. James-Phaze)
Selling Forever (Kimber Chin-Champagne)

Best Historical Book 2009

A Knight's Temptation (Catherine Kean-Medallion)
The Bargain Bride (Barbara Metzger-Signet Eclipse)
Days of Gold (Jude Deveraux-Atria Books)
Sparta Rose (Ginger Simpson-Eternal Press)
Caribbean Splendor (Tracy L. Ranson-Siren)
Lessons in Temptation (Charlie Cochrane-Samhain)
Captain's Surrender (Alex Beecroft-Samhain)
Harley Street (Lynne Connolly-Samhain)
A Treasure for Sara (Allison Knight-Champagne)
Love comes blindly (Phyllis Campbell-Champagne)

Best Mystery/Suspense 2009
*includes Romantic Suspense, thriller*

Blind Consent (Michael Davis-Champagne)
Kindred in Death (JD Robb-GP Putnam)
Waking Nightmare (Kylie Brant-Berkley Sensation)
Breaking Free (Cherise Sinclair-Loose Id)
Dreamfever (Karen Marie Moning-Delacorte)
L.A. Heat (PA Brown-MLR)
Personal Demons (James Buchanan-MLR)
Thanet Blake's Memorial Day (Wayne Greenough-AMP)
Somebody Killed His Editor (Josh Lanyon-Samhain)
Cover Me (LB Gregg-AMP)
Because of you (Mari Carr-Samhain)
Betraying Chase (Donica Covey-Champagne)

Best Series 2009

Dark Hunters (Sherrilyn Kenyon)
Black Dagger Brotherhood (JR Ward)
Tales of the Otherworld (Kelley Armstrong)
Otherworld Series (Yasmine Galenorn)
Sons of the Zodiac (Vicki Pettersson)
Night tracker series (Cheyenne McCray)
Blood series (LA Banks)
Dark Elves (Jet Mykles-Loose Id)
Club Shadowlands (Cherise Sinclair-Loose Id)
Hetra Series (Bertrice Small-Luna)
Dawg Town (Multi-author, Changeling)
Demon Hunters (Cynthia Vespia-AMP)
Traditional Stories (GJ Woodrum-Shadowfire Press)
Swordbrothers Series (Auburnimp & Michael Barnette- SFP)
Si Ludo Prophecy Series (CR Moss-Divine Destinies)
Riley Jenson Series (Kari Arthur)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sickness Suckage

Yup, I caught the head cold my entire family seems to have. My five year old and I were cuddled together on the sofa yesterday hacking and wheezing in true family style, while the ten year old and Dusty tried to laugh at MythBusters and wound up coughing instead.

Isn't family time great?

Anyway, if anyone has been trying to get a hold of me and I've been tardy, that's why. I've got the Nyquil list of symptoms and I've lost my voice on top of it. I'm going to have to send Dusty out for a wipe-away board I can carry with me. I'll chase after the kids writing furiously. "Look at me when I write at you!"

Oi. I think it's time for more Nyquil...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Best Shapeshifter Book of 2009!

So far the beginning of this year has been pretty cool. I've had several books nominated for awards, and one even won!

Dare to Believe and Steel Beauty were in the Preditors and Editors poll. I didn't place, but I did a lot better than I did last year!
Dare to Believe came in 11th for artwork, and Steel Beauty came in at 13th for short story: romance. So I got some stuff above twenty! WOOT!

Very Much Alive and Dare to Believe are up for Best Book 0f 2009 at Whipped Cream Reviews. I'm losing out to Lorelei James (way to go, Lorelei! Hot cowboy lurve!), but I was thrilled just to be nominated. Voting is open until the fourteenth if you'd like to vote for a good book.

Shadow of the Wolf
was up for Book of the Month at Dark Diva Reviews , and won Best Cover at Paranormal Monday.

And finally, guess what else is up? Love Romances Cafe's nominated Shadow of the Wolf for Best Shifter Book of 2009! Voting doesn't begin until the fifteenth, and then it's by email. No early votes counted, LRC is pretty strict about that sort of thing. For full voting instructions Liquid Silver Books has a thread:

My poor back. It's having a hard time handling all the Snoopy dancing. And if Dusty puffs out his chest any further with his "My wife, the writer" attitude he'll literally be bent over backwards. Heh.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mom Nature, You Can Stop Now

My five year old woke me up before eight in the morning to let me know there was "a LOT of snow on the ground."

Really? Huh.

Then I compared last night's snow picture to today's snow picture. Both are done from my front door.
See the perfectly visible bush? Now check this out:

Do you see the bush? Because I don't. And the damn thing comes up to my hip. (Have I mentioned I'm five foot nothing?) And it's still snowing!

The Weather Channel's little desktop toolbar is still telling me we're expecting as much as twenty-four inches of snow before it stops. Well, I hate to say it but I think we surpassed that mark around three a.m.

Snopocalypse indeed. I think I should be building a giant snowmobile and loading things onto it two by two.

Friday, February 5, 2010

The Only Blizzard I Want Is The Gaming Company

Not the snow kind. Too bad Mom Nature isn't listening to me. Seems we're going to get somewhere between 18" and 24" between today and tomorrow.

Blech. I'm already forced to wear my hand brace. Typing is... interesting.

If anyone else is out there and about to get hit upside the head with snow, be safe out there.

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