Friday, January 29, 2010

Best Book of 2009!

I have two books (TWO!) going up for best book of 2009 at Whipped Cream Reviews! I'm thrilled to be nominated. The polls to vote for best book of 2009 will open February 1st and will stay open until February 14th! Just click on the banner above to vote!

First up: Very Much Alive, True Destiny Book 1! Remember, the sequel, Eye of the Beholder, comes out in October of this year:

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Genre: ,

ISBN: 978-1-60504-392-0
Length: Category
Price: 4.50
Publication Date: February 17, 2009
Cover art by Anne Cain

Her destiny rests in their hands…

True Destiny, Book 1

Kiran Tate and Logan Saeter have been on the run from Oliver Grimm for so long they’ve forgotten what it’s like to be free. Ending Grimm’s power games won’t be easy, but this time they have an ace in the hole. PI Jordan Grey, Guardian Investigation’s resident hot shot—and Grimm’s step-granddaughter.

Jordan Grey has her doubts when Logan and Kir show up in her office with a tall tale of how her step-grandfather has framed them for murder. And to top it all off, they’re claiming that they’re really the ancient Norse gods Loki and Baldur, and that Grimm is Odin!

When the two lovers see the sexy detective for the first time, stopping Grimm suddenly takes a back seat to seducing her into their arms. But Grimm never rests, and when his anger spills over onto Jordan, it sets them all on a collision course with a destiny that will rock their world…

Warning: This book contains explicit sex, graphic language, some violence, and hot male/male/female action. In fact, it could be considered a religious experience.

The second book is: Dare to Believe, The Gray Court Book 1! This will be in print May 4th!

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ISBN: 978-1-60504-632-7
Length: Category
Price: 4.50
Publication Date: July 28, 2009
Cover art by Tuesday Dube

He’ll fulfill her wildest fantasies… but only if she believes.

The Gray Court, Book 1

Leo Dunne has been searching his entire life for the one person born just for him. He finds her working in his own company, but the shy little Ruby Halloway constantly hides from him. He hatches a devilish plot with her best friend to bring her out of her shell, and the result proves her desire is more than a match for his own.

Ruby has had the hots for her boss for some time now, but she knows business and pleasure shouldn’t mix. While that can’t stop a girl from dreaming, she sticks by her guns and does her best never to be alone with the handsome CEO. Until the company masquerade party, where she discovers a passion with him that leaves a mark on her soul.

A family emergency calls Leo away, and rather than spend one night out of Ruby’s arms, he convinces her to go with him. With his brother’s life on the line, it’s vital she learn how to deal with who, and what, her new lover really is…before it’s too late.

Warning: This book contains explicit sex, graphic language, some violence, a bit of bondage, and a Sidhe Lord determined to claim and protect what is his.

Monday, January 25, 2010


I know I haven't posted in a bit, but I've been busy busy! First off, Noble Blood is off to the publisher. Cross your fingers and toes (and legs and arms) that my editor likes it and picks it up. Jaden, Duncan and Moira deserve a happy ending, don't you think?

Second, I got artwork for Animal Attraction, the second Halle Puma anthology. (Long story behind why I got that artwork before Mating Games... too long to go into here, but it's all good and had my full approval.) Wanna see?

Is that not pretty? I Snoopy danced when I saw it.

Work has started on Hecate's Own for real now that Noble Blood is out the door. I've readjusted my schedule a bit. I'm planning roughly seven projects this year and I'm already a little behind due to an early head cold and my arthritis acting up more than usual. Still, all in all it's been a productive month.

So my book schedule for the year looks like this so far:

May 4th: Dare to Believe in PRINT! WOOT! I'll be starting a contest in April for an autographed copy.

June 1st: Mating Games in PRINT! DOUBLE-WOOT! That will be the Wallflower, Sweet Dreams and Cat anthology. And yes, I'll be holding an autographed copy contest for this one, too, starting in May.

Late July: Bear Necessities in ebook! I'm leaving off the date because it's changed once and there's a slim possibility it could change again, but so far the month is solid. Expect this in July and a contest to start no later than June 1st.

September 7th: Animal Attraction's pretty cover hits the bookstores IN PRINT! Steel Beauty and Only In My Dreams have been well served with that yummy cover. Belle and Sarah would approve. Expect the autographed copy contest to start in August.

Late October: Eye of the Beholder is finally coming out in ebook. Book 2 of True Destiny, Travis and Jamie have been waiting for a while. Expect the contest in September!

Oh, and since my birthday happens to be in July, expect something a little extra around then.

I'm also considering working something up for the new Liquid Silver Books series Strange Hollow, but I'll have to see if I have the time (and a story). I've been dying to do a vampire story; maybe now's my chance!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Blog Posts

I have a couple of blog posts going up today and tomorrow and thought I'd mention them. The first to go up should be the one at The Samhellion Blog. As soon as it goes live I'll add an edit to this post. In it I talk about head colds and why I don't write when I have one.

The second post will be at the RWA's Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal Blog. I was asked to do a guest spot, and of course I chose how to write humor as my topic. The FF&P blog is more "industry" related, so if you're not interested in the craft of writing you might want to skip it. (Then again, it gives you an idea into the workings of my mind... yeah, you might want to skip it. I'm told my brain is a scary place to be.)

P.S.: It appears I lost my head cold (YAY). But that's okay. My ten year old found it.

EDIT: Post is up!

Friday, January 15, 2010


Captain Feathersword is the friendly pirate, also referred to as the 5th Wiggle. His Magic Buttons are a fan favorite, and often cause the Captain to sing opera, rock or other music types. The buttons can also cause the Captain to sound like various animals, or imitate various objects.

My children are weird.

There we sat in the car, waiting for the school bus to arrive because Mommy still has a fever and doesn't want to make it worse. While we waited they introduced me to a game they'd been playing on the bus for about a week. They call it Chicken Button.

Yes, you read that right. Chicken Button.

Essentially, one child pokes the other and yells "Chicken!" At this point, the pokee is supposed to cluck. Sounds cute, right? Almost like Captain Feathersword and his magic buttons, right? They hit the "Cow" button and the pokee moos. They hit "Kangaroo" and the pokee bounces. They hit "Cat" and the pokee meows.

They hit "Fried Chicken!" and the pokee squeals, puts his arms and legs in the air and plays dead while the poker starts saying "Nomnomnom".

Please tell me you're having the same reaction I did, and that I'm not insane. Do I laugh, do I cry, or do I tell them not to imitate food?

Monday, January 11, 2010

Ah Yes, It's THAT Time Of Year Again

When I seem to catch a head cold. Now usually they tend to happen in February, but hey! Everything else seems to be either early or late this year already, so why not this?

Blech. This is what I get for setting foot in a grade school. I'm blaming my ten year old who forgot his trombone and gave me puppy-dog eyes until I agreed to drop it off. He's blaming whoever breathed on me in the office, but I know better.

Anyway, I'm taking today off to try and get rid of it. I rested all weekend but still woke up feeling sick. That will put me a little behind on Hecate's Own, but I'll live with it.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Galloping, Galloping... Gone

So this week has gone fairly well. The Meat Grinder completed it's job on Noble Blood late this week and now I'm waiting to hear back from my beta readers. I also started work on Hecate's Own, book 2 of Heart's Desire. I wrote the outline, figured out major plot points, and put fingers to keyboard for almost three thousand words.

Only to watch in horror as my characters decided to pick up the story at Outline Point Three rather than One. Argh. Why do they do this to me? I can almost hear the neener neener neener as they run off into the bushes. Cheeky little devils.

Oh well. I like the beginning, so I'm sticking with what they gave me. I'll decide once the entire thing is done if it needs to be changed, but starting the story has never really been a problem (with a few notable exceptions). Endings, on the other hand, tend to give me serious grief, so we'll have to see how this one goes.

In the meantime, I've posted all my novels at the Open Mike at CoffeeTime Romance Forums! If you're looking for a good read head on over there. A LOT of authors will be posting today!

Monday, January 4, 2010

My New Quote For The New Year

"Start the New Year off on the right foot. That way, the left one is still free for kicking butt." - Maxine

Favorite Quotes

"I had the right to remain silent, but I didn't have the ability." Ron White

"So let me get this straight. You want me to kill the little guys, kill the big guys, crowd control those I can't, buff the team, debuff the boss, keep myself alive, AND keep you alive, all while waving a stick and dressed in a towel?" - Anonymous Role Playing Gamer

"I think that statue over there is a statement on modern life. The statement is, "Well, shit." - Varric, Dragon Age II

"Why is it all claws and guns? Can't we piss off a fuzzy planet? Still dangerous, but hey. Bunnies." - Joker, Mass Effect

"Last night, I lay in bed looking up at the stars in the sky and thought to myself, "Where the heck is the ceiling?" - Dilbert

"Aim at the high mark and you will hit it. No, not the first time, not the second time and maybe not the third. But keep on aiming and keep on shooting for only practice will make you perfect. Finally you'll hit the bull's-eye of success." - Annie Oakley

"It is only when you fall that you learn whether you can fly." - Flemeth, aka The Witch of the Wilds, Dragon Age 2

"The very existence of flamethrowers proves that sometime, somewhere, someone said to themselves, 'You know, I want to set those people over there on fire, but I’m just not close enough to get the job done.'” - George Carlin

"I hear there's a wild bridge tournament down the street. And you know Bridge. It's a lot like sex. If you don't have a great partner, you'd better have a good hand." Barry Weiss, Storage Wars

"You know, I used to think it was awful that life was so unfair. Then I thought, wouldn't it be much worse if life were fair, and all the terrible things that happen to us come because we actually deserve them? So, now I take great comfort in the general hostility and unfairness of the universe." - Marcus Cole, Babylon 5, "A Late Delivery From Avalon"

"I aim to misbehave." - Capt. Malcolm Reynolds

"Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid." - Albert Einstein

“If you think you can or think you cannot, you are correct.” - Henry Ford