Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Computer!

My new computer is finally here! I'm busy downloading files from both my half-dead laptop and Dusty's laptop, but I expect to be completely up and running by the new year.

(The keyboard glows purple. PURPLE! So cool!)

We've decided while we're at it to rearrange the office so it's more comfortable for me to work. With the arthritis there have been days where I can't sit even in my big comfy chair; I need to prop my knee up on a pillow. I usually either wheel my laptop into the family room (pre-netbook) or use my netbook on a dinner tray. Not the most comfortable way to write, let me tell you. Well, that will soon be a thing of the past. We picked up a chaise lounge that was slightly broken (the back wobbles a bit) for $200 at the local furniture store. Dusty assures me the wobble can be fixed with a bit of plywood and a convenient wall, both of which we just happen to have. So soon I'll have a place to prop up my knee in my workspace.

Ergo, I will have no further excuses not to write.

(Did I mention that the glowing alien head on the lid blinks at me when I put the lid of the laptop down? It glows BLUE. My laptop is black, blue and purple. My favorite colors!)

I hope everyone had a Merry Chrishanukwanzaayule! (I'm a paranormal author. I'm allowed to make up words.) Ours has been hectic, but so far it's been pretty good. The kids even let me throw out some of the crappy Taco Bell toys to make room for "the good stuff". I didn't have to twist any arms, either!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Computer Woes

Sorry for no posts in so long, but the computer I've been working on has decided it no longer wants to work for me. That's right, it quit. It didn't even bother to give notice. Right now I'm typing on my Christmas present from Dusty, my lovely little Acer Aspire. I'm borrowing his laptop for work (and play), but it's been a bit rough transferring all of my files (who knew I had so many!) over to it.

In the year since I'd bought Big Red it had become not my arthritis machine but my workhorse machine. On bad days I'd have Dusty roll my laptop cart into the family room (the man is a freakin' saint) so I could prop my leg up and still have access to my email. (Little Red is now taking over that job.) I realized I was in a lot less pain when I worked from the laptop desk just sitting in a regular overstuffed chair than in my ergonomic desk chair. My old desktop is now my youngest son's whipping boy... I mean, what the uses to play things like Blues Clues and Cat in the Hat. (I swear I locked away Diablo I and II. *cough*)

Anyway, my new laptop needs to be a real workhorse, with dedicated video card for my book trailers (Big Red had issues with playing YouTube videos and it had a decent built-in video card), .swf slide shows, website work (I do my own) and horrid video game habit. It needs dedicated memory and a nice sized hard drive for all those large files I have, like the book trailers and book covers. And it needs to be upgradable.

I've ordered it, and it should arrive mid-January. In the meantime, I've finally finished setting up Dusty's laptop as my temporary work home (have I mentioned he's a saint?) and should be around the internet a bit more.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Want To Win An E-Reader?

The Samhellion is giving away Sony and Kindle e-readers during the month of December, and I'm part of the second round! The contest rules are posted at All you have to do is go to my website,, and try to find the "present" I've been asked to hide by the Samhellion. Once you find it, write down the location and go looking for the next present at the next author's site. After you've found them all, head on over to the Samhellion and enter the contest for a chance to win!

Good luck!

P.S.: The present I've been asked to hide looks like this:

How the contest works

- New contests begins each Friday at noon, EST (see chart above) and ends the following Thursday at noon, EST.

- Winners will be drawn and posted here at www.samhellion.netbefore the next contest begins.

- Only complete and correct entries will be accepted.

- All accepted entries will be entered into a random drawing for that week's prizes.

- You must enter each week in order in order to be eligible for the current contest.

Legal Stuff

Void where prohibited.

Must be at least 16 years old.

One entry per household, per week.

Anyone associated with Samhain Publishing or My Bookstore and More (employee or contractor) are not eligible to play.

If you have an immediate family member associated with Samhain Publishing or My Bookstore and More (employee or contractor) you are not eligible to play.

How to Enter

1. Each Friday in December, a new contest will be posted

2. Each contest has a theme such as holiday decorations, gifts etc.

3. Visit each participant website for the current week to find a graphic that corresponds to the contest. (ex: for decorations it could be a wreath, or ribbon etc)

4. Each participant has a unique icon. (Hint: check their book pages)

5. Write down each author name and the icon associated with their website. (not the URL, the name such as wreath).

6. Send us an email with the following information:

Name and Mailing Address / Email Address

Author names & corresponding icon name

7. Click SEND - you are now entered into the random drawing

Contest 2 - Holiday Presents

The Samhellions have been burning up the credit cards shopping like mad to get ready for the holidays and they've bought way too much. Our house is packed with shopping bags from the basement to the rafters!

Can you help us track down some misplaced holiday gifts? We're thinking a few of the rowdier Samhellions (not that we're naming names mind you...) have been sneaking off with the swag. Even though we have the tree up, it looks naked without some presents underneath it.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Shadow of the Wolf Now Available and Contest Winner!

Shadow of the Wolf is now available at Liquid Silver Books, and the winner of the free giveaway is...


I've already sent the winner her copy of the book. Congrats and thanks to everyone who entered!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Just A Couple of Things

Like two new contracts.

Yup. TWO.

First up: Bear Necessities, Halle Shifters Book 1! Bunny and Tabby have a home with Samhain!

Alexander “Bunny” Bunsun is a Bear on a mission. He arrives in Halle, PA for the sole purpose of checking up on his cousin Chloe. Something is not right, and the family has sent Alex, along with Chloe’s brother Ryan, to find out what’s going on. He intends to fix the problem and head right back for Oregon and his own life, but when he meets his mate all bets are off. She’s an unusual she-Wolf with a love of tattoos, a soft southern drawl and lime green hair. She’s perfect.

There’s only one problem: Tabitha Garwood is Outcast, exiled from her Pack and alone in the world. Living in Halle after being Wolf for eight years has given her a new sense of peace, but another Wolf is out to make her life a living hell. As Outcast she has no one to protect her… until she meets Alex.

When Alex’s cousin is left for dead and Tabby is threatened, it’s up to Alex to keep his growing family safe. To give Tabby the loving home she needs he could be forced to give up the control he’s worked so hard to obtain.

If he does, someone could die.

Second up: Eye of the Beholder, True Destiny Book 2! Travis and Jamie will be out next year with Samhain!

Travis Yardley-Rudiger deliberately stayed away from Jamie Grimm, desperate not to pull her into the petty little war of wills between himself and her grandfather, Oliver Grimm. Unfortunately the reemergence of Baldur and Loki and their claiming of Jamie’s sister Jordan put her squarely in Grimm’s sights. Her torture at Grimm’s hands ended with Travis determined to claim and protect the woman he’s loved for years, but how will she take the news that Travis is actually Tyr?

Jamie isn’t certain what’s going on, but one thing is certain: Travis’s stand-offish attitude has done an abrupt one-eighty. He’s even gone so far as to move with her into her sister’s condo while she convalesces. And when he reveals who, and what, he is, Jamie is left to wonder what the Norse God of Justice could possibly want with a crazy redhead with severe family issues?

As far as he’s concerned, it will be Travis’s pleasure to show her…

SnoopyDance.gif Snoopy dance 3 picture by KristieJenner

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Wallflower is Free on the Kindle!

For the next week, The Wallflower, Book 1 of the Halle Pumas, is free on the Kindle! So if you've been thinking of picking it up here's your chance!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Contest at the Blackraven Cafe!

Update: The post is live!

I got notice this morning about a Christmas contest over at Blackraven Cafe! They're giving away a free copy of Only In My Dreams (and other holiday goodness), so if you're interested here are the rules:

Good evening everyone,

Some of you may have noticed the new Christmas look that the Cafe has taken on for the holidays. Well, that's not all that's going to occur at the Cafe this Holiday Season. The Blackraven has a surprise for you, so you might want to sit down for this one.

Starting tomorrow, I will be hosting my 25 Days of Seasons' Greetings Bash. What does that mean for you? Well, for 25 Days, you will be introduced to a different author for one. In addition to meeting a new author everyday, I will also be sharing some of the authors' fondest Christmas or Holiday memories during this time of the year.

But wait, it gets better. In addition to those memories, we will be giving a way books. That's right! For 25 Days, The Blackraven will be giving away free e-books of some of your favorite authors thanks to the generosity of the authors, myself, and Kat.

I know! I know! You're saying to yourself, so what do I have to do to win some of these books. Here's the deal...


1. You must become a follower of my blog. There is a reason behind this and here it is. I wanted to do something for all of my loyal followers and subscribers, as well as the loyal readers of the authors. Why? Because you guys ROCK and deserve it.

So, if you aren't currently a follower, please let me know in your first post that you have signed up when you enter the first contest and I will double check before I enter your comment into the contest. If you're already a follower, no worries.

For those of you who are subscribers, if you could sign up as a follower as well, it will make it easier for me to check, as I don't want to miss anyone. However, if for some reason you have problems, just let me know you're a subscriber and provide your email address that you listed to subscribe and I'll be able to verify it.

2. All of the contests will be overnight as usual, but there is a catch. First, once the deadline passes, I will make it to where no one else can post a COMMENT, so don't be late. Besides, I'm giving 24 hours to enter the contest, which is fair enough.

Second, when you leave a comment, also leave your email address so that if you win, I can email you your book. This is where the instant gratification comes in for YOU. We will not wait until the end of the 25 Days to announce the winners. I will announce the winners every day. If for some reason you forget to add your email, I will give you 5 days to contact me off-line at blackraven DOT contests AT gmail DOT com.

Third, because there will be contests going on not only in the authors Christmas and Holiday memories, but also in the interviews, the rules apply to all of the contests that occur this month at the Cafe and until stated otherwise.

3. If you win a book that you already have, we will not exchange it for a different book of the authors. Sorry!

4. The lovely ladies of Dark Diva Reviews have graciously agreed to help me introduce the authors and their Christmas and Holiday memories. So, be sure to show them some love and check out Dark Diva Reviews. As you can see, they are already helping me provide you with the contest rules. Thanks Ladies!

5. Since we're giving away only e-books, everyone can enter the contests.

6. Remember, the fun begins tomorrow, Dec. 1st and will end on Dec. 25th.

7. Please DO NOT SHARE your e-books with others.

8. The winners will be selected using LIST RANDOMIZER at RANDOM.ORG. and I will post the order of the winners from each contest when the winner is announced. So, not picking from the hat.

Kat and I hope that you have a wonderful time and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us off-line.

theblackraven36 AT yahoo DOT com

thekatsmeow41 AT yahoo DOT com

We appreciate you following us and this is our way of saying thanks.

The Blackraven & Kat

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