Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Computer!

My new computer is finally here! I'm busy downloading files from both my half-dead laptop and Dusty's laptop, but I expect to be completely up and running by the new year.

(The keyboard glows purple. PURPLE! So cool!)

We've decided while we're at it to rearrange the office so it's more comfortable for me to work. With the arthritis there have been days where I can't sit even in my big comfy chair; I need to prop my knee up on a pillow. I usually either wheel my laptop into the family room (pre-netbook) or use my netbook on a dinner tray. Not the most comfortable way to write, let me tell you. Well, that will soon be a thing of the past. We picked up a chaise lounge that was slightly broken (the back wobbles a bit) for $200 at the local furniture store. Dusty assures me the wobble can be fixed with a bit of plywood and a convenient wall, both of which we just happen to have. So soon I'll have a place to prop up my knee in my workspace.

Ergo, I will have no further excuses not to write.

(Did I mention that the glowing alien head on the lid blinks at me when I put the lid of the laptop down? It glows BLUE. My laptop is black, blue and purple. My favorite colors!)

I hope everyone had a Merry Chrishanukwanzaayule! (I'm a paranormal author. I'm allowed to make up words.) Ours has been hectic, but so far it's been pretty good. The kids even let me throw out some of the crappy Taco Bell toys to make room for "the good stuff". I didn't have to twist any arms, either!


host said...

Oh the excitement of a new laptop... I bought mine a month ago and can't get enough of it (ad it doesn't even glow :))
Happy New Year and lot of health and happiness during the whole 2010!

Dana Marie Bell said...

Happy New Year to you too!

I've got it set up on my desk finally and I'm enjoying the shiny. :D Although in all the cleaning we did to rearrange the office Dusty found his universal "I do everything but orgasm" TV remote. He's threatening to change the channel and lock out any shows I'm watching that he doesn't like, like Project Runway or America's Next Top Model. If he had his way it would be the Science Channel all day, every day!

Bonnie Rose Leigh said...

You MUST have an Alienware laptop. I purchased my own in Sept and though I had to wait 19 days to get it, I absolutely love it. I have my laptop keyboard set up hot pink, aqua and purple. LOL Congrats on your new toy!!

Dana Marie Bell said...

Thanks! Oh yes, it's Alienware. I hug it and call it My Precious, which freaks Dusty the hell out, lol. I just think he's jealous. :D

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