Thursday, June 5, 2008

Vacation, Part One

Me and my boys, Day Two

Day One: The Airport

Flying Southwest was nice, and one of the better flying experiences I've had. I'll definitely use them for going to RT next year. The security people were pleasant, and the ability to pick your own seat meant that the kids pretty much got to sit where they liked (for the most part). The little one got the window seat, with the big one right next to him, which left Mommy in the aisle. Daddy got to sit alone.

I'm pretty sure we're going to reverse that on the way home. ;)

The house we rented is very nice, with two master bedrooms, in a nice, quiet neighborhood that's only ten minutes from Disney. There's a supermarket and a Walgreens right around the corner, with a Seven Eleven with a gas station right near I-4. We got in, unpacked, ate at Friendly's and collapsed.

Day Two: Magic Kingdom and Epcot

Did you know that there is such a thing as torture in Disney? It's called walking Magic Kingdom (or any of the parks, really) with an arthritic knee.

I've only had the knee problem for about a year now, so I'm still getting used to the fact that things I did two years ago easily are not quite as easy as they used to be. We only spent about six hours roaming Magic Kingdom, but it was enough to let me know that I would be paying for an ECV (Electronic Convenience Vehicle) rental the next day.

The kids got to see Mickey Mouse, which was the highlight of their day. Both kids loved Pirates of the Carribean (Cap'n Jack was the highlight for me) and Haunted Mansion, which is also newly renovated and had Dusty grinning like a loon. Pizza Hut for dinner and a nice, long rest for Mommy and Daddy, and we were ready for the next day.

Day Three: Magic Kingdom and Epcot

ECV's are a thing of beauty, even if you can't take them park to park. However, we got there early enough to get me one.

Randy was upset because we didn't get to see the fireworks, but we promised him we would the next time we went. Dinner at the San Angel Inn was lovely, and the one thing Dusty requested for the trip. We returned, tired and footsore, to find Dusty's father, stepmother, and aunt had arrived on schedule. Everyone liked the house, and we sat and chatted for a bit before turning in.

Day Four: Magic Kingdom and Epcot

Never ever ever arrive after noon if you want an ECV. Just sayin'.

So another five hours wandering Magic Kingdom without an ECV. Needless to say, we'll be leaving ealier from now on. We got me one for Epcot, however, so I got to drive to the fireworks, which were spectacular.

Dusty's Aunt was with us for this outing. We made it to The Land, and we got to see the hydroponics they're using to grow vegetables. They had this form they grew a pumpkin in that was making it grow Mickey ears, which wow'd the kids, especially the older one. Aunt J then introduced us to the Garden Grill for dinner. The southern fried catfish was excellent, but Dusty preferred the steak. Our older boy got four autographs while there, so he was a happy camper, while the little one was upset because he'd managed to pop his ten dollar (TEN DOLLAR!) balloon.

He wasn't as upset as Daddy, however.

Day Five: Animal Kingdom

ECV's rock.

We spent the entire day in Animal Kingdom. We got to see the live musical show of Nemo and rode the Killamanjero Falls rapids ride. The good news is we suckered... I mean, we GOT Dusty to ride a water ride. The bad news is, he complained about getting wet off and on for the rest of the day.

Dusty and our older boy rode Everest twice (thank you, Fast Pass), and we all rode the Dinosaur ride. The little one wasn't as afraid as I thought he would be, but Dusty says it's because he had his hand over his eyes half the time. So no guilt gifts this time out, thank God. And everyone loved the Safari.

So far, everyone is having a good time. There's a little bit of sunburn going around, but nothing major (SPF 70 is a good thing to have around here). We're taking it easy today since our older boy developed blisters (note to self: almost as important as SPF 70: comfy shoes). We're probably doing Medieval Times tonight, then tomorrow... who knows? We'll decide tonight. Dusty's Mom will be staying with us for the next few days, so we'll see what she'd like to do.

Oh, and the reading I'd thought I'd have time to relax and do? HAH! So far the only thing I've read is a map and my GPS signal.

Oh, well. As soon as I get home I'm hitting MBaM for some of the new releases. ;)

P.S.: Next post, I'll put up a pic of Dusty and the boys together. I think I took one of the three of them outside Haunted Mansion, near the wall of names when you first get off the ride.


Joy Roett said...

Sounds action packed.

LMAO at Dusty and the $10 balloon!

Dana Marie Bell said...

Not one peep out of him over how expensive the ECV rentals were, but he still mumbles to himself over that balloon.

And I'm not even going to go into the naughty words that popped out of his mouth when we got the bill for boarding and neutering the cat. They aren't fit for delicate ears. Like the ones on truck drivers.

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