Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Well. I started out the week with a whimper.

Okay, so I go to my parents' house for a family pot-luck, sandwich style. Everyone BYOS and prepare to share with the rest of the class style dining at it's finest. I hand out birthday presents, chat with family, watch a little Mythbusters and have a good time despite M's nosebleed that scared almost everyone. Little M bleeds like mad when he gets one, so my main concern was that his nose hadn't broken when Princcess SR's head hit his face. Luckily, no one was seriously injured, and M was back on the trampoline within fifteen minutes.

We head home, and Dusty and I are chatting about our work schedules. We miss the turn light has changed, and Dusty slams on his brakes to avoid hitting someone (which we did... avoid them, that is). This sends a shot of adrenaline through my system that, combined with some stuff that's going on at home and stressing me out a bit (renovations, the upcoming holidays, that sort of thing) triggers my favorite thing: a migraine.


I felt nauseous and wanted to bury my head in concrete before we ever made it home Sunday night. I took some Imitrex (they upped my dosage and if I take it early enough now it stops the migraine), but by the time I got to it the headache had already taken root. So I took yesterday off and played possum. I got the nausea under control and was hoping the migraine would fade within a day or two.

Then R decides he's going to the wrestling tryouts at school and forgets to tell us he's not going to be on the afternoon bus.

Thirty stark, terrified minutes later we find out he'll be put on a bus by the gym teacher when tryouts are over. I'm shaking like a leaf, ready to vomit and kill my oldest child all at the same time. And M, who usually comes barreling in the house at full throttle, must have sensed the imminent damage his brother was about to face because he was sweet and, most importantly, quiet when he got home.

If you know M, you know he's never quiet. Sweet, definitely, but quiet? Maybe during the Zombie Apocalypse and that's only because he doesn't want to get eaten first.

So the migraine is back at square one, with me fighting nausea today and trying to stay out of the light sort of like a Mogwai. And don't feed me after midnight, especially sandwiches.

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molli said...

Oh no! Gentle hugs and massive caffeine. Hope that migraine 'migrates' to another country soon!

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