Monday, February 21, 2011

I Am A Bad, Bad Girl...

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned at some point that I adore playing video games, especially ones where there is a "romance" option available. NeverWinter Nights springs immediately to mind, both 1 and 2, though my preference is for NWN2: Mask of the Betrayer. Gotta love Gann, that smooth talking Spirit Shaman who wants to be swept off his feet whether he knows it or not.
So recently, I suggested Dusty pick up Dragon Age: Origins, since he was becoming bored with his other games and looking for something new. He replied, "You first." Needless to say we both picked it up, and I began playing last week while I was sick.

I have to say, I adore it. There are both straight and gay romance options in this game! SQUEE! They storyline is fairly juicy (save the world, get the guy/girl of your dreams, etc., etc.) and the responses of the NPC's are human, rather than robotic answers. There is no black and white in DA:O; sometimes what seems like the right choice winds up being the wrong one for all the right reasons. Kudos to the authors who wrote this storyline. I think they hit more right notes than wrong ones. So much so I've already preordered the sequel. In fact, I've enjoyed it so much I've done something I never do: I downloaded mods to make the romance more "realistic" and other mods to alter the hairstyles of my PC's (yes, I've played it through more than once, much to Dusty's dismay since for once I'm giving HIM advice on how to play!)

For those of you who have played DA:O and want to know whether I'm camp Alistair...

or camp Zevran?

That, my friends, is a damn tough call to make. While I do love a guy willing to express his feelings (Alistair) there's something about a tough assassin who can't say the words but feels the emotion anyway.  Besides, unless you play the Human Noble origin and take all the appropriate steps, Zev is the one who would be willing to marry the PC! And Zev doesn't give a damn about gender or race, so if you want to play M/M, he's your man. (There's Leliana for anyone who wants to play through a F/F storyline, and Morrigan for a straight M/F if you want to run through as a guy and not hit on Zev.) Although to be fair to Al, my dwarf noble just got a love declaration from him, so race doesn't matter to him either. Just gender.

Maybe I should play through one more time. Just to decide. Right?

P.S.: Bioware, keep up the good work! Looking forward to playing Hawke when Dragon Age 2 comes out in March.

P.P.S.: You can find videos on YouTube with these guys and the game play if you're interested. I found some of my favorite mods that way.

P.P.P.S; This is a MATURE GAME. There are love scenes in this, and the female city elf has... issues I'd rather not say on my blog. Just know, this is not a game for the kids. My twelve year old peeked over my shoulder and I said "NO" before he could even ask.


=^..^= Misery said...

If you liked Dragon Age, go for Mass Effect 1 and 2! The romance choices are more limited but I personally felt the story was much more engrossing. It's a "Space Opera" so it's futuristic and a 3rd person shooter but if even I can manage to play it, anyone can. ^_^

Dana Marie Bell said...

Funny you should mention that. I told Dusty about your post and he laughed and said he'd JUST bought that last night. He wants to finish DA:O first before giving it a try. He's more into sci-fi games than I am, so I'll let you know what he thinks (and if I try it out!)

=^..^= Misery said...

So did you end up trying out Mass Effect? And did you pick up DA2 yet? I just started mine and I like the way the dialogue wheel is set up way better than the one in DA:O. =P

Dana Marie Bell said...

I've done a first run-through on DA2 and am on a second one, this time romancing Fenris. Unfortunately, I'm doing it on the Rivalmance path, because I can't seem to NOT piss him off, lol! Anders was easier, but I was playing a mage when I romanced him. Funny, I got Fenris to 100 Friendship playing a mage, and can't seem to do that playing a rogue. Go figure.

I think Dusty picked up Mass Effect, but we haven't tried it yet. He's claiming he's a DA widower because I keep going back to Origins and either gettin' some Alistair or some Zevran, depending on my mood. >:D

=^..^= Misery said...

*lol* Just tell him you're using them for "inspiration". =P

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