Thursday, May 23, 2013

Well. This Sucks: Part Two

I think the month of May hates me.

I came home from the RT convention and immediately got sick. I got over the cold, only to hurt my back.

Now I'm about to go on antibiotics because I'm sick as a dog. It may (or may not) be strep throat. The lab culture hasn't come back yet, but I feel even worse than I did yesterday, and my voice is completely gone, so Dana gets antibiotics as a precaution...and no Enbrel shot on Monday. You can't take it when you're sick and on antibiotics, even if you're feeling better.

Okay, May. I've got your message. I'm going to go lay down now, m'kay?

Good news: I've broken the 75% mark on The Wizard King. Despite my ass being kicked by this bitchy month (I think she's jealous of my fabulousness), I've managed to nearly finish the book. I should be putting it in the first round of the Meat Grinder by June 3rd, and off to my betas June 4th.

Bad News: I'm feeling pretty icky, so it's slowed me down. I should  have the rough draft done well before I leave for Lori Foster's RAGT. I'm hoping to hand it off to my beta readers before I head for the con. If I don't, I may need to work on it at the con. A feat any author will tell you is nearly impossible, unless you hide in your room and, well, skip the con.

Con News: I'm giving away a Nook and a print copy of Cynful at the Reader-Author raffle, so if you're attending, look for my bag! It will be a clear tote bag with black straps and a black paw print on the front. Oh, and a freakin' Nook inside.

Now to go drink some hot tea and pretend I don't feel like hammered death.


Teena M. said...

Sorry to hear you feel like hammered death... I hope you get to feeling better soom. Look on the bright side May is almost over with so June has got to be better unless you live in the desert southwest and have to deal with 100 degree temps. I know it's a dry heat but it is still hot...

Dana Marie Bell said...

June puts me at Lori Foster's RAGT, and DISNEY WORLD! I'm thinking I'm just pre-paying for all the good next month, lol!

AimeeKay said...

I hope you feel better. Maybe May is just jealous or maybe she wants you to write a story about her...

Again hope you feel better soon!

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