Friday, October 11, 2013

CONTRACT: Siren's Song

Siren's Song has been picked up by Samhain Publishing! Book Five of the Gray Court, Oberon and Cassie, will be out some time late next year.

Want a sneak peek?

The Gray Court Book 5
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: Novel

Two souls, blending in perfect harmony.

Oberon has lost his memory. Wandering and lost, he finds himself trusting a complete stranger, a woman who makes his heart race and his palms sweat. He has no idea why he's so drawn to the woman with the turquoise eyes and beautiful voice, but he knows she's the only one who can save him.

Cassie has troubles of her own, but all of that is overshadowed by the knowledge that the High King is her truebond, the one man born to be hers and hers alone. Restoring his memory is sure to end their time together, but Cassie can't imagine a world without the High King. She'll sacrifice anything to give him back what he's lost.

Oberon is horrified by the sacrifice his bondmate willingly makes and swears to protect what he soon realizes is his. Beset by enemies, chased and attacked, he'll keep Cassie safe or die trying.

But Oberon's death isn't what his enemies seek, and when Oberon returns to his rightful place in the Court with his new Queen by his side all hell breaks loose. When Cassie's life is threatened, the fae world will bow before the High King or pay the price in blood.

Warning: This title contains explicit sex, graphic language, fishy shenanigans and royal naughtiness.

“Tell me what happened to me.”

Gods, the man was stubborn. “I can tell you a spell was cast on you, probably through something you ate or drank while you were in a weakened state.” And she knew exactly what had caused such a powerful man to become susceptible to that kind of spell. He’d gifted Robin Goodfellow’s mate with his own power, not only returning her to life but marking her as of his bloodline. She glowed now, her mortal shell shed, her silver hair and golden eyes standing out when she dropped her human Seeming.

As a healer, Cassie knew that what Oberon had done was only possible because somewhere in Michaela’s ancestry a fae had lain with one of her family members and gotten her with child. In truth, her whole family could become fae, with the right touch.

Oberon’s touch.

“You saved someone’s life, exhausting you. How the poison got introduced, I don’t know.” And she still wasn’t entirely sure it was poison. It could have been any medium. Breaking the skin could have introduced the spell to his system. She doubted he’d inhaled it, or there would have been more people cursed to lose their memories as he’d been. “Do you know if you’re wounded?”

He scowled for a second, before his expression once again became impassive. “Not that I’m aware of.”

“I’ll check when we find a place to stop for the night.” As a healer, it was up to her to make sure he was not only safe, but sound.

His brows rose. “I think I know my own body. I feel no odd aches or pains, only a lack of memory.”

“Still. I’m a healer. Let me check. The wound could be as small as a mosquito bite.”

“As if someone used some sort of dart?”

“Or a needle, yes.” She wouldn’t put it past a Black Court operative. “More curious to me is how you got poisoned. You’re extremely cautious, even around the ones you consider friends. So how did you wind up bespelled?”

“I thought you said I was poisoned?”

The distrust that shadowed his expression cut her to the quick. “You know you’re magical, Oberon. Did you think a simple poison would do this to you?” She waved her hand at him. “A normal poison wouldn’t work on a fae. It has to be bespelled, glamoured in some way. It’s possible it could be a fae’s natural toxin that would do something like this, but it would have to be introduced under the skin for it to be effective.” And that limited the pool of people who could have been the one to poison him. Very few fae had the ability to wipe a mind as powerful as Oberon’s. “Not to mention you don’t trust easily. Someone close to you had to deliver the toxin, either in your food, drink or by piercing your skin.”

“Someone I trusted.” Oberon’s gaze turned back to the passenger side window. His tone was thoughtful, but hardly surprised. He must have already suspected betrayal. “You called me fae.”

She grimaced. She was doing a lousy job of keeping the information she fed him to a minimum. “Yes. We both are.”

“What kind of fae am I?”

“I...” She blinked, prepared to lie her ass off. “I have no idea.”

His gaze bored into her. “And you? What kind of fae are you?”

“A siren. Some call my kind merfolk because we’re nymphs of the sea.” She didn’t see the need to keep what she was secret, only who. The less he knew about her royal heritage, the better, at least for now. They had bigger things to worry about than her family’s soldiers. “I can use my power to sing you well, but it will take time, and a delicate touch.”

“How will you heal me if you don’t know what I am?” His brows rose. “Doesn’t the healer need to know his patient in order to—?”

“Shit!” Cassie yanked the wheel to the side as a car dashed past them, the maneuver insanely dangerous on the wet, icy roads.

Oberon’s eyes flashed brilliantly silver. “Our enemies have found us.”

Cassie tried to ignore her terror as she slammed her brakes. The car in front of them had skidded sideways, blocking the road. “Stay in the car.”


“Your life is far more important than mine.” She undid her seat belt, prepared to fight for her mate. “Stay in the car.”

Cassie climbed out of the driver’s side, ready to do battle for the man who didn’t even know who she was.


lorimeehan said...

Congrats Dana! I loved the excerpt and I can't wait to read this book.

dead account said...

This is going to make the wait even harder!

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