Thursday, December 8, 2016

Dana Prism Powers, MAAAAKE! UP!

Hah. If you got the title, I bow to you. You remember Bunny's favorite anime series, Sailor Moon! But I'm not talking about anime right now (though I could, oh, I could). Nope. I'm talking makeup.

Note: If you don't like makeup, check out Crunchyroll. If you don't like and chill? But this post isn't for you.

It's December, the month where I tend to replace my 12 month expiration date makeups like eyeshadow, foundation and primers. (Although I just bought a new mascara, Nyx's Doll Eye, this week, and I'm wearing it today. So far...impressed!) So I'm surfing Sephora and Ulta and I'm overwhelmed by holiday stuff.

God, I need this stuff.

No, really. Now is a great time to buy makeup. With the holiday sales and promos, you can get good makeup that's relatively inexpensive (by Sephora standards, anyway). And Ulta carries both high-end and drugstore makeup, so it's full of win!

I'm still loving my Too Faced Melted liquid lipsticks, and my god the Too Faced chocolate bar palettes are my go-to palettes. I may not buy the Kat von D Shade and Light again, since I rarely use it, but her mini-palettes were really nice.

But this year, like a lot of people, I'm on a budget, so I'll be looking for good drugstore dupes for a lot of these. I'm watching makeup videos on YouTube to find what I want and where I can get it. So far my faves are Tati and Zabrena, because they both do high-end and drugstore makeup tutorials and reviews. And they both like to do dupe videos, which I'll probably be binge-watching before I buy.

Does anyone else have the Grav3yard Girl Tarte palette? Because, LOVE. As in, full on heart boner.

Too bad it's limited edition and won't be in stock ever again. I'll have to see if I can find a good drugstore dupe, but I doubt it. Gator Wings (the highlight) is just too awesome.

As for foundation, I need one that's more hydrating than my current one (the Kat von D Lock-It Primer and Foundation are what I use), so I'm looking at Tarte's Rainforest foundation. I like their stuff, so I'm hoping I'll like that.

Blushes I'm on the fence about. I haven't found one I love, since I like peachy shades rather than pink and they tend to be harder to find. NARS is supposed to be really good, but so is E.L.F., which is way less expensive (and I like the name).

As for skincare, there's only one holiday pack I want, and that's the boscia Mask It All. It has all of the masks I want for less than the price of one. And I checked: the black mask is the same amount of product as the stand-alone. So are the others. A great price for the set.

Are you looking to pick up any holiday makeup for yourself? If not, what are your go-to, gotta have items?

P.S.: Has anyone else played around with contouring? Because I've had mixed results.

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Mayhem from Michigan said...

Love Two Faced eyeshadows. Cover Girl has a great dupe for the UD Naked line. Maybeline or Revlon has dupes for Melted. I love the ELF setting powder and spray, not the lipstick pencils, those made me very sick. I also use ELF primer its .. ok. I'm still working on finding a good foundation, want to try It's Bye Bye Redness concealer for under my cover girl foundation.

My skin care is pretty old school. A.M. I wash with Aveeno Calming face foam and use First Aid Ultimate Repair Cream (to die for!!) and add a primer when I wear make up. I take off the make up with Ponds and the use my Aveeno to wash the heavily moisturize with the first Aid. Want a great lip balm/light gloss? Sephora's Lip Balm, the best and $6.

Love Tati, the graveyard chick gets on my nerves.

And now I have to find that Bugs Bunny cartoon on you tube, its an ear worm now.

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