Friday, February 22, 2008

Confessions of a Runway Addict

I adore Project Runway. I sit there on the floor, folding my laundry (no joke), and wondering what the hell the judges are seeing that I'm not. Because usually they pick a winner that leaves me going, "Huh? WTF? But... didn't you see that other outfit?"

Project Runway is the only reality TV that I watch (although, I have to admit, recently I've been feeling myself getting sucked into Make Me A Supermodel... Damn you, BravoTV! I actually voted to save Ben last night). I have watched the reunion show three times now, and I have a few things to say:

1) I'm not entirely sure why everyone thought the reunion show was boring. Admittedly, no wine was spilled, no one was really dissed, and Heidi's bangs made her look like a sheepdog, but, still. I thought it was kinda nice that most, if not all, the designers treated each other with respect. To me, it was refreshing to see (would-be) professionals acting... professional.

2) Ricky. OH, sigh, little Ricky. I actually like Ricky. He's not over the top (design wise, anyway), and it seems to me he's got some learning to do, but looking at the It's Sew Not Over challenge, I think he's got potential. I love love love his red swing dress, and voted for him on that basis alone. Damn thing moved like a dream. It was the only outfit out of all the ones I saw that made me think, "Damn. I want that dress!" I thought putting his hats on his models was a "signature move", something to distinguish himself from the others. (And Christian, honey? Lose. The. Prints! I had to bleach my eyeballs afterwards to remove the stains.)

3) Is it just me, or were Rami and Chris really... um... close? Exactly how much closer did that last challenge bring you, again?

4) Elisa has forever earned the nickname "Inter-Planet Janet" in my mind, and from what I've seen on other blogs I'm so not alone.
All in all, I liked Season Four, and for once think ALL of the designers have the potential to go further in their careers. I look forward to seeing who the judges pick as the winner, since they've managed to surprise me a few times. I'm pretty sure the winner is Christian or Jillian; however, my personal fave had to be Chris. His collection, to me, was dramatic and chic.

Oh, well! Two more weeks and I'll know!

For those of you who are fans of PR, check out this site: Project Rungay. I run to the computer Thursday mornings just to see what TLo had to say about the show. I usually laugh so hard I wind up choking on my morning tea.

Okay, back to our regularly scheduled writer's block.

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