Saturday, March 15, 2008

I Did A Dumb Thing...

...and got sick again.

I felt better. Really I did! So during the storms we had last weekend (stupid, stupid me) I went grocery shopping. I checked the forecast like a good little girl, and it was supposed to stop raining around three. So I went at three.

Sunny skies, white fluffy clouds. Ah, I missed being outside and, like, breathing without hacking up a lung.

Buy food, pay for food, head to front of store...

Black skies, rain driving at a forty-five degree angle and pelting me hard enough to hurt. And because it was seventy-eight degrees out, I'd left my coat and hat in the car.

I was soaked after moving five feet.

So for the last few days, I've been once again battling fever, stuffiness and the urge to cough up my feet, the lungs having long ago given up their grip on my chest cavity. Dusty is muttering about how 't'ain't natural for someone to be sick for three damn weeks, and I'd better get my butt to the doctor on Monday. (Hey! I felt better for two whole days! Nyah!)

So I'm going to the doctor on Monday to see if I can defeat what my mother alternately calls "The Plague" or "The Creeping Cruds". For all of you out there who are battling the same damn thing, I lift my glass of Dayquil in a toast: "AAACHOOOO! Gesundheit."

Hope you all feel better. Me, I'm going back to bed while Dusty's home to take care of the kids.


Angela James said...

Hold on. You mean you didn't go to the doctor in all this time? You know, I only like to work with authors who are smart and take care of themselves so they can bet healthy to do promotion, write books, do edits. I'm not so sure about someone who's sick for three weeks and doesn't go to the doctor. Next time, tell Dusty he needs to give the evil editor a head's up because I WILL crack my whip ;)

Dana Marie Bell said...

EEEEP! (Hides head under desk...)

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