Monday, November 17, 2008

Book Naming Contest

I Need Your Help!

Bella Luna, book 4 of the Halle Pumas, needs a name change. It turns out Samhain has a book titled La Bella Luna already in it's line-up, and I totally agree that means Belle's book title gets changed.

However, nothing I've come up with works. So, here's the deal:

here is an excerpt here of HP4. I'm starting this thread here for contest entries. My editor, the lovely Angela James, and I will read over those entries. If you come up with the winning title, you'll have your choice of prizes:

1. A gift certificate to
Books On Board (which can be given as soon as the contest ends - no delayed gratification!);

2. An ARC of
Very Much Alive, Book 1 of True Destiny, before it releases in February (the ARC would be given in February, and will be available only in e-book format);

3. A free copy of Cat of a Different Color
or Sweet Dreams or The Wallflower (available only in e-book format; again, no delayed gratification!)

4. A copy, signed by me, of
Hunting Love (available only in print; would require a physical mailing address and would not be given until March, so definite delayed gratification!)

The winner will also get, regardless of choice of prize, a mention in my dedication of HP Book 4! So go read the excerpt and help us come up with a title!

P.S.: The contest ends December 15th!


Jambrea said...

Taming Bella
Bella Untamed
Bella's Pride

Jambrea said...

Bella's Pack
Bella Unchanged

Jambrea said...

Bella's Shift
Shifting Bella
Bella's Stand

Deb said...

Bella's Choice
Bella's Heart
Inchanted by Bella
Bella's Wolf

Jambrea said...

The Luna Connection
Luna Love
Luna Shift
The Luna's Pride
The Luna's Pack

Jambrea said...

Bella's Moon
Howl for Me
Shifting Love

Ok...I THINK I'm done. lol

Jambrea said...


(Sorry, I was thinking of Rick. lol) I'm not done.

ingrid said...

By The Light Of The Moon

Dana Marie Bell said...

Wow! I'm definitely stealing some of these, even if it doesn't win the contest! Keep 'em coming!

joyroett said...

Not your Average Belle

joyroett said...

More than Meets the Eye

joyroett said...

Luna Courage

joyroett said...

Belle of the Poconos

Crystal Dee said...

1.Beautiful Moon - very basic translation of Bella Luna, but doesn't give Belle the power she deserves.

2.Bella Unleashed or Beauty Unleashed - She was sure showing some wrath in the excerpt. Could also refer to the fact that regardless of the injury that held her back before, she is clearly ready to unleash her power now.

3. Shifting Beauty- Although technically Jambrea has already listed this one.

4. Beauty in Power or Beauty in Control.

5. A Beautiful Plan

Try these and I'll play around with some more. I want to read the excerpt again.

N.J.Walters said...

How about Bella Unleashed or just Unleashed. *g*

She really let Gina have it. LOL

Jenn said...

Here's What I've got

Challenging the Luna
Provoking Belle
Claiming the Luna
Claiming Belle
Challenging Belle
Belle's Battle
Belle's Back
Longing for Luna
Becoming Belle Luna
Embracing Belle
Embrace the Luna
Luna Reborn
Luna at Last

Hope this helps

Dana Marie Bell said...

I know, doesn't she? But trust me, Gina deserves it. >:D

Dana Marie Bell said...

Heck, I'm not sure we'll need to run this to the fifteenth, lol! We might have the title by the end of the week!

Thanks, everyone! And I've already seen at least two I want to steal for other books if they don't make the cut for Belle and Rick. :D

Ebook Addict said...

Bella Mia
Bella's Magic

Bonnie Rose Leigh said...

Bella Unleashed
Bella's Reign
Reigning Cats and Wolves...

Sarah Morgan said...

Across Pack Lines
Pack Beauty
For Love of the Pack
Pride of Love
Pack of Love
Pack Pride

Foxy Roxy said...

Acting Blonde
What does a Blonde do?
Biondo(Blonde in Italian) Bella

Dana Marie Bell said...

Dusty (aka the hubby) suggested Blonde Ambition. I told him he's not eligible to win the contest. =)

Rebecca said...

1. Luna Challenge

2. Cat Fight

3. Belle's Mark

I don't have a google/blogger identity so I'd better leave my email address in case I win. LOL

Veronica said...

Bella's Pain
Restless Bella
The Mystery Of Bella
Bella Enchanted
Belle's Score
Rediscovering Bella
Unleashing Bella
Bella Unmasked or Unmasking Bella

Valerie T. said...

The Wolf's Mate
The Alpha and the Puma
Bella's Mate
The Puma and The Wolf
Pack and Pride
The Pride of the Pack
The Puma's Pack
The Luna's Pack

I have hubby thinking too... :D


Crystal Dee said...

1. Bella On Top
2. Bella Takes Charge
3. Bella Rules or By Bella's Rules
4. Steel Beauty(as in steel pins)
5. Steel Rules
6. Take the Pack
and my personal favorite this time

7. Lead Her of the Pack

Anonymous said...

kitty in wolf's clothing

challenging Luna's power

luna hatred

bella's passion

pack untamed


MCDuncan said...

Sheer Lunacy
La Belle Dame Sans Merci

Rebecca said...

Belle of the Pack
Belle's Challenge
Living by Belle's Rules
Playing by Belle's Rules
Fighting for her mate
Belle's Reign

email address:

Heather said...

Magic of Bella
Luna Magic
Moon Magic

Valerie O. said...

Ruff and Tum-Bella'd
Bella is Luna
Puma Luna
Luna of the Pack
Pride of the Pack

Husky said...

Oooh, there are plenty of good ones... how about:

Belle's Bite
Belle in Boots
It's Raining Cats
Untamed Belle
With Belle's On Top
Bitch In Heat
Royal Belle
Purrfect Mate
Leader of the Pack
Blonde Bombshell
Southern Belle

Hope some of these help ;)

Valerie O. said...

Pride in the Pack
Pack-ing Belle
Training the Pack
The Alpha's Bella

Bonnie Rose Leigh said...

Challenging Belle
Belle's Alpha
Kitty Claws and Wolf Paws
Belle in Charge
Controlling the Pack
Belle's Fight
Bella's Fight
Bella's Last Stand

Ann said...

Belle's Tutorial
Luna's Lessons
Belle's Luna Tutorial
Belle's Luna Lessons

danie88 said...

Be Still My Puma Heart

here is my e-mail address:
datwater88 @

Anonymous said...

What I considered my two best ideas are already here! So, I'll just confirm that these are great titles!
Puma Luna
Belle of the Pack

Good luck Valerie and Rebecca!

GladysMP said...

A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

GladysMP said...


I really meant to post:

A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing

april strength said...

Belle Crossing
Challenging Luna Belle

april3025 said...

challenging luna belle
belle crossing

kaisquared said...

Wow, I see a lot of my ideas here already. I only have one to add.

Omega Rising

J.Lyn said...

Ready for Bella?
Are they Ready for Bella?

Val said...

Top Shift, Top Reign

Valerie O. said...

I Have one more but it's more for a comedy, You may like it any way...
The Cat's in the Doghouse

ooh and one more
The Cat's Reigning Dogs.

my mind is in ridiculous/sarcastic mode today.

J.Lyn said...

I thought of 2 more
His Luna
His curious little cat. (one of Ricks comments about Belle)

Valerie O. said...

Bella Fully the Luna
Taking Pride in the Pack
I could probably think of better one's if I read the whole book though (lol). said...

Luna of Gold

Crystal Dee said...

Belle's War
Belle's Victory
Pride in the Pack

Valerie O,

When I first read the excerpt my first thought was kind of campy too.
"Cat's Rule and Dog's Drool"

Madd said...

Some serious, some not so much:

Belle's Beast
Belle And The Beast
Call of The Luna
Blondie On Top
Kitty Calls The Shots
The Wolf's Meow
Howling At The Luna
The Purrfect Luna
Crossbreeding Bella
For The Love of A Luna
Luna Rising

Can I put in a vote for Luna At Last?

Valerie O. said...

Pride Full Luna-play on words about Belle coming from a pride and being proud of who she is.

Pack Full of Pride- play on word about Belle joining the pack and giving Chela her proper respect.

Dana Marie Bell said...

Just got an email from Edmee saying she was having problems posting to the blog with her ideas. So rather than have them get lost in my email jungle I'm posting them for her.

"Dear Dana Marie Bell,

I went to your blog and saw the hundreds of ideas for the titles. Maybe you already chose one, but trying won't hurt. :)

It seems like i can't make a comment in blogspot no matter how i try..

So here are mines:

Territory of Passion
Territory of Desire
Sweet Territory
Territory of the Moon (or The Territory of the Moon)


Thanks, Edmee!

Valerie O. said...

Two more[I know I keep saying that :)]
Packing up Belle

Belle Packing

Valerie Oakley said...

last one I promise.

Bella Mate - kind of a play on beautiful.

Lisa said...

Like Cats and Dogs

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