Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Build A Little Birdhouse In Your Soul

Bonnie Rose Leigh posted a blog yesterday about how music plays an integral part in her writing. Needless to say, I had to comment on it. After all, music and my writing have a definite love affair going on.

I can't write without music. Worse, it has to be specific music. For instance, Steel Beauty was written to They Might Be Giants (which, I've been told, explains a lot). Very Much Alive was written to Enya. My current WIP, My Heart's Desire, wants to be written to a more eclectic mix, but all the songs MUST be happy ones, like Smash Mouth's remake of I'm a Believer.

If I put the wrong music on (Enya for Heart, for instance) my fingers hit the keyboard but the characters turn their backs on me. Yup, the picky little so-and-so's want their music. Travis, of Eye of the Beholder? Refused to work to anyone other than Joe Satriani. Another character from True Destiny whose book isn't coming for quite some time already let me know he wants to be written to Japanese pop star Namie Amuro (sorry, I couldn't find it on Amazon. The intro to the video is WoW music, but it is still pretty damn cool. Trust me, it's worth waiting the thirty or so seconds for Ms. Namie to come on.)

Now I've known people who have to write in absolute silence. Take my friend RR. He needs total quiet, a pot of coffee, soft lighting and about five minutes to get in the zone. This means that, since he has two beautiful kids, he's writing at o'dark hundred. At a silent o'dark hundred anything I write looks a lot like "Red sorceress needs sleep badly." Either that or I freak myself out over the last Ghost Hunters episode, then I need to wake people up and turn lights on... it's not pretty.

So thank whatever deity you pray to for iTunes, because without it and my lovely instant music download I couldn't write.

P.S.: Ever heard Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield? LOVE LOVE LOVE! I just have to figure out which book loves it too!

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