Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Last Week: Why Me?

So. Yeah. Last week. What to say about last week? We found out that our dog, Precious, aka Houdini Dog, needs surgery for her torn ligament. Despite our attempts at restraining her and keeping her from using stairs she insists on jumping boxes and other obstacles while three-legged and is still the terror of our neighborhood squirrels. In fact, the boxes we set on the stairs to keep her off them were still in place, yet we woke up to find the dog by the side of the bed wagging her tail and standing on three legs. Even the cat looked confused at that one.

I had an eye appointment with my son R that had to be missed due to... well. You'll see. I got almost all my promo for RT assembled, found a suitcase my fairy wings fit into that isn't going to kill me moving it and I got my word count done for the first time in MONTHS. The weather this year has been kicking my ass left and right, but last week I was on the ball and nearly hit the 40k mark with Norwegian Wood. I also got rid of the fifteen year old monstrosity that came with my house, aka, The Fridge of Death. I hit my damn head so many times on the sharp pointy freezer handle just trying to get a damn soda I'm surprised I'm not drooling in a corner somewhere cackling about tiny bubbles. I've been planning on replacing it since the day I moved in almost seven years ago.

Procrastination. I is da queen.

It just so happened that Sears was having a sale this weekend, so Friday we braved the rain and off we went to look at a new fridge. We found one we loved: french door style, ice maker on the front, the freezer has an "auto-open" part to the drawer that made Dusty squee like a fashionista at a Saks sale. Needless to say, we bought it and arranged to have it delivered.

And on the way home, in the Burger King drive-thru, the engine light went on in our car. Our car that we JUST paid off. Our car that was officially out of warranty less than a month ago. Our ONLY car since we sold our other one after paying IT off to some friends in desperate need of a second vehicle.


The car is in the shop now. The fridge is in the kitchen, shiny and happy and unwilling to give me a concussion (rounded handles... gotta love them). My eye appointment and Precious's surgery have to be rescheduled.

And my word count is calling my name on a fresh week. And did I mention I have to fill out some Mad Libs for the Sinfully Sweet party at RT?

Hell, at least I don't need a car for that.

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Michele said...

Oh man Dana, you have had one crazy week :( I hope the rest of the week is better for you :) The fridge sounds awesome!!

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