Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New Release: Howl For Me

Out today: Howl For Me, True Destiny Book 3!

By: Dana Marie Bell

Type: eBook
Genre: Shape-shifters, Gay Alternate Worlds
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
Publication Date: 03-13-2012
Length: Category
ISBN: 978-1-60928-627-9
Series: True Destiny

For a love that will last through the ages, they must fight an evil older than time. 
True Destiny, Book 3 
Jeffrey Grimm’s grandfather, Odin, tortured and nearly killed his twin sister. He’s on a mission to return the favor. To get the job done, he needs the world's oldest living laser-hair-removal candidate: Fenris├╣lfr, the werewolf prophecy has decreed will kill Odin at Ragnarrok.  
When he gets to Norway, though, he discovers the wolf can change into a man…a man so sexy that Jeff is blindsided with lust. And, despite his blood ties to Odin, Fen wants him with equal ferocity. 
An attraction to the blood kin of his oldest enemy? Fenris figures he must have been caged far too long. Yet as soon as the magical phrase that frees him leaves Jeff’s lips, Fenris has no choice. He is bound to protect Jeff at all costs, even if it means giving up his hatred of the man who betrayed him—and learning to live with the horrors of toothpaste and the Internet. 
Odin isn’t through with him, though. And when he gets his hands on Jeff, Fen calls upon everything within him to fulfill the prophecy... even if it means his own death. 
Product Warnings 
This book contains explicit male/male sex, graphic language, a redhead with a temper and the ultimate werewolf. Caution, drooling may be an unfortunate side effect. 

I know the book isn't up yet on Barnes and Noble, and a lot of people are disappointed by that. There are a couple of options (and I know which one I'd favor, since I've done it myself):

1. Wait until the book comes out at Barnes and Noble, and purchase it via your Nook.

Yup. That'll happen.

2. Or, if you're like me and have all the patience of a five year old in front of a cookie jar, here's what I do.

     a. Purchase the book directly from Samhain. They sell it in .epub, and you can download it to your computer.

     b. Next, plug your Nook into your computer, open the folder you downloaded Howl For Me to, and copy the book to your Nook like you would copy any file to any hard drive, by opening up the folders and dragging and dropping. A word of caution, though. Your uploaded library folder will be different from the folder that Barnes and Noble uses. For instance, my color Nook has My Stuff/My Documents/Books for the books I manually upload. Older Nooks might have My Library, or simply My Documents. Putting the file in the Barnes and Noble folder might cause it not to open.

     c. When the file transfer is complete, open My Computer on your computer (you'll see all your hard drives, including your Nook). Right click on the Nook drive and select the option that allows you to safely unmount the drive (it might say something like "Safely Remove Hardware" or "Unmount Drive"). Neglecting to do this could cause your Nook or your computer to freeze, so I highly recommend not skipping this step.

     d. Unplug your Nook, press the Refresh or Search For New Content button to make the book show up in your library, and enjoy!

It sounds like a lot of work for option 2, but honestly, it takes me maybe ten to fifteen minutes from purchasing the book to unplugging my Nook. I have to do it a lot for the books I don't want to wait for that take a month or two to hit Barnes and Noble.

Remember, if my directions are confusing, Barnes and Noble has a site that will explain how to upload an .epub that you didn't purchase from them to your Nook. The manuals are available for your particular Nook in .pdf format.


Louise said...

Sigh. Fen and Jeff are so good together. Loved seeing the siblings kicking butt together. And Jeanne was a hoot!

Dana Marie Bell said...

Jeanne was based on my mother and my husband's Aunt J, both of whom can kick my booty.:D I've got some plans for Jeanne, I'm just not sure how far I'm going to take them. Gotta be careful, though. I don't want this to turn into I Am My Own Grandma, after all. xp

Louise said...

Haha! That's funny!

I've been thinking about trying to draw up the family tree as it sure gets confusing. Jeff summed it up nicely for Fen so I'll use that as the source. :-)

Dana Marie Bell said...

I tried to do a family tree for True Destiny, but I had so much back-tracking and infidelity to deal with it looked like a road map from hell.

I'm just glad I wrote Norse and not Greeks. THAT would have been a whole lot of loop-de-loops. O.O

Melissa said...

Howl for Me is up on Barns and Noble! I hate waiting for books but I love my nook!!

Jan said...

Hi Dana!
Sorry for not stopping by sooner. I finished Howl For Me yesterday (may have set a new record). Again, this is such a great series and I have a hard time waiting for the books to come out. Love the fact that you don't move away from past characters, but keep adding to the cast.
I believe Jordan's reaction to seeing Kir and Logan together sums up my thoughts on Jeff and Fen:
"...way hotter than I thought it'd be." :-)

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