Sunday, April 26, 2009

RT 2009, Day Five: The Writer Has Landed

Me, at the Giant Book Fair... with no books.

Before anyone goes "EEP! What do you mean, no books?!?", Angie came by and snapped this picture of me AFTER I'd sold out of Hunting Love.

Arrived at the Book Fair an hour early, and boy did I need it. They went through the books I'd (foolishly) taken with me (they were mine... as in Hunting Love) and put little yellow stickers on them. Then they told me where I'd be parking from ten forty-five until two.

Middle of the row. Gah. Gotta park my chariot. Found a spot that said "NO EXIT" and decided it would do.

Set out pens, post cards, flyers and chapstick, said hello to my neighbors Will Belegon and Renee Bernard, and settled down to-

Hello again, Debbie!

Debbie was a conventioneer who found me at the Ebook Expo and pretty much ordered me to Write Faster. Being a loyal minion of my fans, of course I agreed. Well, she found me at the book fair, too. I think she was helping the RT staff to make sure that everything was set up the way it was supposed to be, but that didn't mean she wasn't snagging books while she was at it. And one of the books she snagged was mine.

I probably had the biggest grin of any author there.

So the real wait began. At ten forty-five the doors opened to the registered conventioneers. At eleven they opened to the public.

At eleven thirty I was out of books.

Gone. All six to eight of them (I forgot to count). I wound up signing brochures for two and a half hours and pushing pens on unsuspecting passers-by.


By two o'clock I was more than ready to call it a day. I wound up going through a different exit than everyone else, because the No Exit I parked the scooter by? The registers. Um. Seems the sign was only there temporarily until they moved it to it's REAL home. One of the RT staffers let me out rather than have me wait in line to not pay for books.

Thanks, whoever you were!

I headed to Downtown Disney and bought presents for my kids after hitting an early dinner at Olive Garden, which I never get to go to since my husband only likes MY Italian (a compliment, trust me). Then I debated hitting the Mr. Romance competition.

I didn't go. Frankly, at that point I still had to pack for home, every joint in my body ached, I had bruises and scrapes from getting my chariot in and out of my OTHER chariot (btw, HATE the new Rav4), and I wanted to read and sleep, not necessarily in that order.

Sorry, no half naked men pics (for now, anyway; I have to see what's in my suitcases).

Sunday I headed out, had some stuffed french toast and sat in the airport until it was time to come home. Texted Dusty "The writer has landed" when we arrived.

God I'm glad to be here, even though I had a blast. I missed my kids, and I missed my time to write. Back to work tomorrow, but tonight, good night! I'm freakin' exhuasted.

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Kenny Celican said...

Good to have you back!

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