Thursday, April 23, 2009

RT 2009, Day Three: I Am A Bad Fairy

Bad picture. Bad fairy.

Sorry for the lousy picture. My regular camera died and I'm forced now to use the video camera with no light to take pictures. This one was so dark I had to turn the gamma all the way up, but I promised you a fairy in a corset and damn it you're getting one.

So day three got off to a lovely start. I slept in a bit (I got up at seven; yup, total slug-a-bed), had breakfast, did my usual morning routine, posted a few naughty mini-excerpts on the Cafe and headed to Club RT.

Club RT was very crowded. I got to chat with a few people, and it was fun. Didn't sign a laptop, but you can't do that every day. :D

Off to a panel on e-marketing and got some really good ideas. Look for a slight update to my website in the future if I can figure out how to get it to work!

Lunch. No lasagna again (pout), which makes them evil since lasagna is the main ingredient to a happy life. I think they see me coming and hide it. Chicken parm was lovely, though.

A two hour panel on the myths of epublishing with Treva Harte, Angela James and Raelene Gorlinski. Lots of fun, tons of info, and perfect if you weren't as familiar with epubs.

Back in the room, relax. Change nail polish color. Attach pretty white butterfly on pinky nail (I'd show you, but the f'ing camera...). It looks like I took Tinkerbell and shook her little ass all over my room, spraying fairy dust hither and yon. The poor car rental people are going to think the sparkle fairies had an orgy in the driver's seat.

Wait wait wait. I hate waiting, especially when a) I leave my scooter back in the room thinking I'm not going to be standing in line and b) when standing in line for twenty minutes and my hip and knee start to ache. Argh. Go into ball: oooooh, sparkly. Sat with some very nice people, like a librarian from a small town in Carolina (don't ask me which, I'm freakin' tired. You're lucky I'm speaking English) where people go to dig up fossils and mostly find shark teeth. Fairy costumes ROCKED, especially the ones with the light up wings.

Yes, I have wing envy. What of it?

Food was steak with some bland brown sauce, potatoes that might have been au gratin at some point in their lives, a pile of yellow... stuff, and three tomatoes. Um. Steak was good?

Fairies! Eve Vaughn was on the Unseelie Court, and being part of the DC Area Storytellers of COURSE I made sure to sit on their side of the ballroom. I actually got up and paraded the stage, but couldn't take part in the contest since it required standing on the dance floor. Done enough standing today, thank you.

First place was won by a man dressed as the Green Man and calling himself Willow. The costume wasn't the awesomist in my opinion, but damn if it didn't win on originality. A leather-clad man in a long, white wig with a rockin' bod and an oak leaf mask?

I could see why he beat out all the other fairies.

God, I wish you guys were here.

Headed back to room a little early since I'm not exactly a twinkle-toes on the dance floor. Had fun, but it was time to wash away the glitter and prepare for another day with a temporary fairy wing tatoo on my boob.

What? I forgot to buy baby oil. With my luck the sucker ain't coming off until the second coming.


Anonymous said...

Seriously, I am soo glad you are having a great time!! You look great! I really wonder if I could make it next year.....

molli said...

Some day they will hold this in Denver...and I will
be there! *nods*

Dana Marie Bell said...

Next year is in Ohio where my flesh won't burn walking from the car to the door of the convention center. :D

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